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Sibling Rivalry


Dealing With Sibling RIvalry When brothers and sisters fight, parents may wonder if their children will ever be close. They fear that their family experience will never be warm and loving. But quarreling between siblings is natural. It may be more obvious in some families than in others, but there is always some tension between […]

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Temper Tantrums


Has your child recently changed from a cheerful, sweet-mannered child, to an irritable, complaining little person who isn’t satisfied with anything you offer? Parents often wonder what causes difficult behavior. Is it because your child didn’t get enough sleep last night, is a tooth coming through or were there too many visitors yesterday? These are […]

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Independence and Separation


Helping Your Child With Independence and Separation Here are some tips to help you and your child as she moves along from the very dependent state of early infancy to the growing independence and separateness of the toddler. These suggestions should help you and your baby through the many separations that are a part of […]

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Medical Emergency


Helping Your Child Cope WIth a Medical Emergency Sometimes an accident happens or an emergency comes up. Parents don’t always have the opportunity to prepare a child ahead of time for going to the hospital. They have to deal with their child’s feelings after the fact. For example, a child may fracture a bone and […]

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Sleep Disruptions


There are many different approaches to sleep problems in young children. Each claims to work in 3 to 4 nights. Our sleep routine is founded on our belief that the anxiety a baby is feeling is best dealt with by remaining close by. It is set up to be deeply reassuring to a baby. Babies […]

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Good Sleeping


Teaching Your Baby To Be A Good Sleeper Some babies seem to sleep easily almost from birth and continue that way, while others have to be helped to develop this ability. Babies normally go through cycles of deep and lighter sleep. As they enter into a phase of light sleep they are more likely to […]

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Over Eating


Many times parents have special problems with overeating because they have struggled with their own weight and don’t want their children to have the same problem. They may try to prevent this happening in their children by controlling food very strictly. Almost any issue can start a power struggle going between a parent and a […]

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Enjoy Eating


Helping Your Child To Enjoy Eating Around the beginning of your child’s second year, eating may become a problem between you and your child. Changes in eating patterns begin to occur when a child is around 14 months old and may continue through the first three years of life. Though normal, these changes can make […]

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Head Banging


Head-banging sometimes accompanied by rocking is a fairly common problem in infants and toddlers. While head- banging is not known to produce serious injuries to the brain, it is nevertheless distressing to parents. The very act of striking his or her own head against a bed or mattress or on the floor indicates that a […]

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Hospital Visit


Preparing for a hospital visit: Going to the hospital is a very big event for a young child and her parents. To a child, the strangeness of a hospital is confusing and it may be quite frightening. And of course, you as a parent worry about your child’s illness and about what will happen in […]

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