Parenting Information Groups, More than a Mommy & Me

We offer different types of parenting groups, with the goal of promoting parenting skills. Our groups meet once a week in an informal, nurturing and educational environment for play and discussion. Please fill out the pre-registration forms below if you are interested in our parent-infant, parent-toddler or parent only groups. Additionally we offer, parent-preschooler art groups, grandparent-toddler groups and single-parent groups. Please call or email us if you are interested in those groups.

Parent-Infant Groups

  • Groups of eight to ten parents and their infants (birth to 1 year) meet in an informal setting to discuss topics such as recovery from pregnancy and birth, postpartum feelings, integrating the baby into your family, breast and bottle feeding, interpreting and understanding your child’s cues, establishing good sleep patterns, returning to work, finding good child care, transition to toddlerhood and your child’s motor, cognitive, and emotional development.
  • Fee is $35 per group meeting*
  • To read more about our infant groups, click here.


Parent-Toddler Groups

  • Groups of eight to ten parents and their toddlers meet in an informal setting to discuss topics such as separation, temper tantrums, sleep disruptions, beginning toilet training, travel, balancing the toddler’s need for dependence and independence, and how to manage eating issues. While the parents sit nearby in the “parent circle” talking and learning with each other and their group leaders, the toddlers play together and are within visual range and easy to access at all times. Playing, interacting with and keeping the toddlers safe are the Child Development Specialist and Interns, who are being trained in early childhood development. The staff helps the toddlers develop early socialization skills while beginning the discovery of independence from their parent.
  • Fee is $45 per group meeting*
  • To read more about our Toddler Groups, please click here.


Parenting Skills Group

  • This group, which is for parents-only, offers the opportunity to discuss child development and parenting issues that arise during the 3-5 years. The post-toddler, preschool years present their own challenges and raise new questions for parents. The group offers a deeper understanding of this stage of development in a warm and supportive environment. This is the perfect group to continue learning parenting skills, after your child completes the toddler program. All parents are welcome, even if this is your first group with us.
  • The parent-only group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 7-8:30pm.
  • Fee is $30 per group meeting*


The advantages of groups at ECPC are:

  • A high ratio of professionals to children
  • All group leaders are highly experienced professionals
  • A warm, nurturing and safe environment for you and your child
  • A supportive and educational environment to provide you with the latest child-development information
  • Spacious and safe indoor and outdoor play areas for our infants and toddlers
  • Our groups leaders meet with each family individually twice during the year to ensure that all of your needs are being met
  • Free and easy parking in the back of our facility

*Our fee is on a sliding scale