Warm Line For Parenting Advice

Feeling trapped at home with a crying baby? Overwhelmed by temper tantrums? Exhausted because your child won’t sleep through the night?

That’s why ECPC suggests calling the Warm Line Messaging Service at (310) 310-8646 or filling out the form below. A child development specialist will return your call within two working days to address your child’s specific issue in the context of your family dynamic.

For over 40 years, ECPC has been helping parents learn better ways to handle the challenging and puzzling parts of parenthood. Parents of children ages 0 to 6 living in Los Angeles County may share their concerns with an expert in early childhood development. The Warm Line volunteer professionals offer clear and practical suggestions, specific information about child development as well as sensitive reassurance about many developmental issues.

Some examples of the issues we regularly deal with include sleep disruptions, temper tantrums, toilet training, setting appropriate limits, sudden changes in behavior, separation, biting, problem eaters, defiance, head banging, choosing a pediatrician and many more.

Enough time is provided on the telephone for parents to discuss a problem in detail and receive the help and support that they need. We offer support for any non-medical issue that relates to your child’s development. For medical questions, please contact your doctor.

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